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3 Things About How Do You Find Out About Upcoming Conferences In Order To Submit Research Paper?Try it now

Hello, my lovely readers,

Dear readers and aspirants, in today’s blog we are talking about 3 Things about How Do You Find out about Upcoming Conferences In Order To Submit Research Paper? This is most asked question by students and researchers who want to present their work in conferences and want to publish their paper in any reputed journal.

And you know it is a very simple process by which I will show you, How Do You Find out about Upcoming Conferences In Order To Submit Research Paper? Nowadays everybody knows about how to register for subscription alert or joining social media groups like a research paper or related to research publication or conference alert,or anything like that, but those who don’t know about it, I will explain for them with the help of steps and figures.

So let’s start the blog,

We are going to start with the three things and that is,
1.Subscribe to conference alert
2.Ask your seniors or project guide
3.Join social media groups related to the research paper publication or conferences.

Lets start with first thing:

1. Subscribe to conference alert: For subscription to conference alert you have to do the process in following three steps

Step 1: Type in google “upcoming conferences in India 2018-2019 or abroad according to your necessity. Here I am showing for “upcoming conferences in India”  as shown in the figure below👇,you can search for any country.
Now click on any of the results from the result page ,suppose for example I have clicked on "1st result" and the result will open in new tab.

Step 2 : Now in a new tab you can have a page which is shown below, now click on the subscribe button as highlighted by yellow circle in the following figure.👇

Step 3 : After clicking on subscribe button in step 2 ,you will get the form like shown below ,now  fill the information like name, email id, password, all the fields which are given below, and then click on submit.

 Now after this step you are done with subscription process, then they  will start sending you about upcoming conferences on your email. 

2.  Ask your seniors or project guide about upcoming conferences or deadline for paper submission. They will give you journal information with upcoming submission deadlines with journal impact factor.

3.Join social media groups related to research paper publication or conferences:Everybody knows about social media and its impact, its advantages for us. What you have to do is just Join/follow group or pages related to research paper publication or conferences on social media platforms like google plus, Facebook etc. Trust me it is very much useful and simple task to do. After joining you will get a notification if they post anything new related to your research paper publication or conferences and also you can comment or ask questions in the group about your queries or doubts. You can post your queries on their page or in the group and you will get answers.

Don’t worry I will just show you "how to do it "by image as shown in figure below:👇

I have shown here, is about google plus,similarly you can try for other social media platforms.See in the figure ,search for group like "research paper publication" and then click on join as highlighted in yellow colour.

So this is how you can  "Find Out About Upcoming Conferences" by using simple three things as discussed above.

And you know what after publishing some of the papers in the conferences, you will get various emails from the other journal papers deadlines or you can get somewhat idea about the whole thing.

I hope this article will be useful for those who really wanted to know about Upcoming Conferences.

I think now I have to end this blog by assuring you that I will come up with more and more useful articles for research aspirants.

If you guys have any questions please let me know in the comments below.👇👇👇👇

I will surely be going to help you out in your queries.👍

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Structure of Research Paper

Structure of Research Paper


If you are a beginner, you might have a question that, how can I write a research paper?? 

What is the structure of research paper? So here, the article which is totally going to help you. And dedicated to those who out there for writing a research paper and wanted to know its structure is very much welcomed.

The first thing keeps in mind that, writing a research paper is not difficult you just have to understand, what should be written in abstract, body, conclusion, references or things like that of the research paper, OK!👌

I know, there are so many questions in your mind at this stage.

Like, let me guess,the questions may be like,

What is the structure for any research paper, what is its attributes with purpose? How can anyone write title of research paper, abstract, introduction, what should be written in introduction part, what are index terms or keywords, what is the body of research paper, how you can write results, analysis, and discussions, conclusion of research paper, what is bibliography or references and how you can write it? What are Acknowledgements is all about in your research paper???right ???

Just no need to worry here is the solution for you, this article gives you all your answers. So you will get all information about the structure of a research paper.

Now will start with Research paper format/structure Type.
Let’s see first:Research paper format/structure Type:

Research paper format/Type has two types 1) Single column 
                                                                          2) Two column
The rough idea of the single column and double column paper is given below in the following figures a) and b).

Detailed Structure of Research Paper with explanations:

Let’s start, to see what the structure of the research paper is and what kind of data should be there under each attribute name.

You know, every journal have their own formats/structures and we should follow it. But if you see generally, the structure for any research paper is like this,

  1.  Title:  Guides/articulates the reader what’s in store in the research paper and what is the subject or topic of research.
  2. Authors Data (Name, affiliation, College/university, city, country)Every research paper has one first/main author and two or more co-authors. On a research paper, a 1st name should be the main author name always and a second and third name is used for co-authors. First author or main author is the one who has done the complete research on his interesting topic, and co-authors are the one who somehow contributes something to his/her work or guides main author in his work. Co-authors may be your seniors, project guides, project partners or anyone who has given some contribution to your work. And provide the information like Name, affiliation, College/university, city, country.
  3.  Keywords/Index terms:  
    Keywords are important words/ concepts/phrases used in research paper, and it is used to rescue papers in an information system such as an online journal or a search engine.
  4.  Abstract:
    The abstract is a summary/synopsis of your paper. It includes purpose, objectives, methods used and expectations.
  5. Introduction:
    The "for what reason did you do the investigation"; setting the scene or establishing the framework or foundation for the paper. It includes references or literature survey/review, study or theory/background of your topic.
  6. Body:
1)Study and Methodology or Design: It describes how you design /study your research topic, which kind of scientific or technical method, variables or equations you have used for your design or procedures you have used for getting your results. Which design software’s are you used for your research study. Mention the methods, figures /diagrams/circuit diagrams with variables with values, design equations, calculations, and tables.

2) Results: It includes your investigations or outcomes after simulation of project design according to your problem statement. It includes your practical results from simulation and from fabricated hardware.

3)Analysis and Discussion: Here in this, you can give an analysis of your simulation /design its results, how they vary during your optimization process you can show your optimization process here. You can discuss theoretical and practical results.You can discuss what outcomes should get and what actually you got after fabrication of your design. You can show advantages, limitations applications of your research.You can write about your work and previous works comparison and what innovation or improvements you have done in problem statement compared to previous work.

7.Conclusion:Conclude your topic/research. You can write about the results you have proved regarding your problem statement /title and its applications or where we can use it. Write something about the future scope of your results. In short, conclude your topic.

8.References:Bibliography of your research that means literature you have used or reviewed for your research and here you can give there references like topic/paper name/book name, author name, name, version, volume, page number, publication, date/year of publication.For example [4] C.A. Balanis, Antenna Theory, Analysis and Design, second edition, (John Wiley and Sons, New York, 1997), [2] W.-K. Chen, Linear Networks and Systems (Book style). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 1993, pp. 123–135.But every journal has its own bibliography or references format, I have shown it just for your reference.

9.Acknowledgments:Names individuals who added to the work yet did not contribute adequately to acquire creation. You should have authorization from any people made reference to in the affirmations areas.Check some of the published papers listed on the internet for the understanding of the structure of research paper various journals.

Importance: Content under each element directly effect on your quality of research paper, therefore the understanding the structure is very important as, If you know what should be the content in under each name /element in a research paper, you will write the very effective, clear, understandable research paper, Possibility of acceptance of your Paper is increased, and the readers will easily understand your paper and also Quality of your paper is improved.

Summary: The summary starts with research paper structure its format type like single and two column paper and then the structure of research paper includes title, authors data, abstract,  keyword/index terms,  introduction,  body(methodology/methods/design used, results, analysis, and discussion), conclusion, references, acknowledgment etc.

Now you can understand the structure of the research paper and I hope this basic information about the structure of the research paper will be useful for you. 

Let me know😊😊 if anything you want to ask, in the comments below.                                   

Saturday, November 3, 2018

How to choose Research topic/thesis topic/Project topic for PG?

What if you have not chosen the right /good/decent project topic???

So, I want to show you how to choose Research topic/thesis topic/Project topic for PG? before its too late.

Each PG student, this is dependably an inquiry that, How to pick Research topic/thesis topic /Project topic for PG right??

 What's more, it ought to be there in their mind since it is imperative to choose a decent research topic.

For each PG student, this is dependably an inquiry that, How to pick Research topic/thesis topic /Project topic for PG right?? 

What's more, it ought to be there in their mind since it is imperative to choose a decent research topic. 

On the chose theme/topic, they ought to complete a research, explore thesis writings, project work, research paper writing, conferences etc. and so forth. 

They should research, or think, conceptualize on the inquiry like interest for the specific topic, pertinence/relevance to your field or stream, the extent/scope of selected topic, its applications, preferences, impediments, momentum innovation/current technology in that field.

Here are the few steps to do for choosing a good Research topic/thesis topic/Project topic for PG:👇

👉Step 1: Find your interest or topic you are interested in, related to your stream or branch.

👉Step 2: Keep in mind the topic you have chosen or going to choose should be relevant to your field or stream or branch.

👉Step 3: Discuss your topic with your project guide, under his/her guidance.

👉Step 4: Try to search for current scientific technologies/new topic.

👉Step 5: Do some literature survey or review on the chosen topic before finalizing it like about its scope, advantages, disadvantages, its practical uses or application.

👉Step 6: Also try to know what has already happened or discovered in that field or topic, find out the future scope of previously discovered or proved work on that topic.

👉Step 7: Find out what type of research already done on that topic .what you can possibly do on that topic? Or is there any future scope for that topic on which you can do research?

👆👆Follow the above steps for choosing your project/research/thesis topic.

Let me know😊😊 if anything you want to ask, in the comments below.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

How to start Research? How to write and publish Research paper???

What is Research? 

The deliberate examination concerning an investigation of materials and sources with the end goal to build up actualities and achieve new conclusions. It’s actually investigating or inventing truth or new concepts, new theories through experiments through practical results using scientific methods. Research is a tool by which they can test their own, and every others' theories, by utilizing this opposition to discover an answer and advance information. The motivation behind the research is extremely a progressing procedure of adjusting and refining speculations, which should prompt the acknowledgment of certain logical realities. 

What is a Research paper?

A research paper is a bit of scholarly composition or writing dependent on its author’s unique-original research on a specific subject, and the investigation and understanding of their search discoveries. It tends to be either a research project a master's thesis or a doctoral thesis. 

How to start Research?

1. Choose the topic. 
2. Search literature/documents/data related to your topic by using books, the internet, some already published research papers related to your topic from reputed journals like IEEE, read and study them.
3. Read all the literature that you have collected and then compare the previously proved work on that topic, and start working on some improvements on previous work or adding a new feature to the previous work, then by using practical results proved your research or innovation with outputs and conclusion. 

How to write a Research paper? 

1. Select the reputed journal for your research paper publication for example IEEE journal.
2. Now download some previous IEEE published paper or that particular journal papers or any other journal papers and see how they have written by their respective authors.
3. Now download IEEE or particular journal standard paper format from the internet. Or their site.
4. Now based on your research, collect all the data in a format like abstract, introduction, literature survey, study and practical results of your work, conclusions, bibliography etc. 
5. Arrange all the data according to your IEEE journal standard paper format or that particular journal paper format and copy paste this data in a paper format that means edit the paper format.
6. Check plagiarism. 
7. Now send your paper for acceptance to the conference after that they will review your paper according to their standard paper format, authentication, plagiarism, and grammatically mistakes then mail back you about warnings and changes, then you have to make modifications and resend it.This will repeat till acceptance of your paper or till closure date. 
8. Now if your paper got selected then they will send you  process of participation like registration, copyright, fees, and all the things. 
9. After you have to prepare slides for a presentation for the conference
10. And then they send you invitation to a conference. 
11. After the presentation, you will get a presentation certification. 
12. After that, after some months your research paper Will get published.

3 Things About How Do You Find Out About Upcoming Conferences In Order To Submit Research Paper?Try it now

Hello, my lovely readers, Dear readers and aspirants, in today’s blog we are talking about 3 Things about How Do You Find out abo...